8 Tips On How To Clean Your Water Bottle (Yes, you have to wash it!)

Despite a very difficult year, the entire nation is coming together to serve one of the advocacy that truly matter – environmentalism. More and more people are now switching from single-use plastic containers to personalized water bottles. However, it’s important to keep it at its best. How? Cleaning your personalized water bottles properly.

Here are 8 tips to consider when cleaning your personalized water bottles.

Using soap and water

The most common way to clean your personalized water bottles is by using the dishwasher. However, if it’s not dishwasher-friendly, then you’ll be cleaning it by hand using soap and water. Make sure to clean it thoroughly and, once done, dry it using a clean cloth.

Using vinegar

A deep cleaning process would involve vinegar. Washing your bottles using vinegar will disinfect them and clean most of the bacteria. Fill your bottle with half vinegar and the other half with water. Let it sit overnight and clean it using soap and water by the following morning.

Don’t forget to clean the cap

When you are cleaning your water bottle, don’t forget to clean the cap. You clean this the same way you clean your bottle.

Make sure to also clean your recyclable straw

Stemming from the previous point, your recyclable straw must be kept clean as well because it comes into direct contact with your mouth.

Using boiling water

Another great way to deep clean your water bottles is to use boiling water. If you’re cleaning it by hand using soap and water, it’s best to use warm water. On another note, if you’re cleaning it by using vinegar, make sure the other half is boiling water.

Using water cleaning tablets

Water cleaning tablets are very easy to use. Simply fill your water bottle with water and drop in your tablets. Let it sit for around 25 to 30 minutes before rinsing it properly.

Make sure to clean your water bottles regularly

This may seem a bit obvious but, believe it or not, there are still some people who neglect this tip, which is to clean your water bottles regularly. Experts have advised to clean them at least daily if you use them daily. However, with the many ways to do so as we have mentioned above, it wouldn’t be such a chore!

Storage options

Finally, you must also consider your water bottle storage options. After cleaning your water bottle, make sure to dry them before putting your water bottles away. If it is still damp, it would be a magnet for bacteria and germs.

The truth is that we use our water bottles every day and everywhere. It’s only right and hygienic that we clean them properly. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do it. What’s worse is that some people think there’s no need to clean it. Hopefully, we were able to give you an idea as to the things you need to do and not do when cleaning your water bottles.