5 Crucial Tests for Female Patients to Have in a Health Screening Package in Singapore

Most would think that an early to late adult, male or female, cannot benefit from a health screening package from Singapore health service providers. Wrong! Even if you feel healthy, you should see your doctor regularly for checkups. The following are various tests for women 18 to 39 years of age.

#1 Blood Pressure

Taking your blood pressure is part of every screening process, like breast cancer screening, at facilities in Singapore. It is best to have your blood pressure checked every two years. On the other hand, experts recommend checking your BP at least once a year if you have diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, or other severe health conditions.

#2 Cholesterol

Patients with normal cholesterol levels do not need to repeat the test for another five years. However, patients with diabetes, heart disease, renal issues, or other disorders may require more frequent monitoring. The recommended starting age for patients at risk for heart disease, the recommended starting age is 20.

#3 Diabetes

Your physician may do a blood sugar test to rule out diabetes if your blood pressure is 130/80 mm Hg or above. Doctors also recommend it for female patients with a health screening package in Singapore with a BMI greater than 23.

#4 Breast Cancer

Doctors advise women under 40 to get mammogram screening at facilities in Singapore. Consider regular mammograms if you have a mother or sister with breast cancer. Immediately contact your health care provider if you observe a change in your breasts.

#5 Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer screening should begin at the age of 21. Women between the ages of 21 and 29 should have a Pap test every three years or an HPV test every five years.


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