Yum! These Are 5 Right Places To Eat In Solo

You have just booked a visit to Solo, and you are wondering where to consume. Stop. We are going to let you know — we have compiled a listing of Solo’s best 12 restaurants and eateries. Solo, a.k.a Surakarta, is just one of Indonesia’s best foodie destinations, and now that is all of the incentives we will have to compose a listicle concerning the top places to eat upon the town.

Together with cafes, good dining rooms and traditional road food joints rolled into an interesting place, and your murderous vacation is most likely going to demand a great deal of restaurant-hunting along with menu-tasting. Do not worry, we are not judging you — we have done precisely the identical thing! Thus, with no further ado, here are some favourite places to eat in Solo.

Pecel Solo

With glossy wooden furniture and colonial-era décor, the restaurant’s exceptional, old-timey setting certainly sets it apart from the fellow Solo eateries. Its menus comprise a wide selection of traditional Javanese meals. Such as pecel (cooked veggies tossed in a peanut sauce, served with rice and fried tempeh), jajan pasar (literally, “marketplace snacks”, candy sausage chunks made from glutinous rice), and also cabuk rambak (rice cakes served with a creamy sour sauce, coconut and bread). Pecel Solo is possibly the city’s finest traditional Javanese restaurant, read up in your Indonesian cuisine until you float there.

Adem Ayem Restaurant

Adem Ayem does not seem like among Solo’s most well-known restaurants. With enormous insides that feel like a college hall compared to an eatery that has got 2 TripAdvisor Excellence awards, so the ambience is not world. However, the food is unquestionably one of Solo’s greatest.

It is especially famous for the gudeg (unripe jackfruit stewed with palm sugar, coconut milk and spices), that goes nicely with cooked rice and broiled chicken. If you’re searching for an authentic Solo dining experience, Adem Ayem certainly needs to incorporate in your vacation hit-list.

Gladag Langen Bogan

Also called Galabo, Gladag Langen Bogan is currently a market- food court together with roughly half dozen different food stalls that provide an assortment of inexpensive food. Even though you won’t find the exact identical calibre here as you want at a suitable restaurant, then Galabo is a fantastic way to test a lot of conventional foods in a quick moment. It has also got a fun, playful setting — if you are lucky, there will be live music playing once you see!

Goela Klapa

Goela Klapa is a clear step up the culinary food chain with cushioned leather seats, amazing Dutch-influenced architecture along with also a sterling reputation. It is among Solo’s most delicate fine dining areas. As you drift past the restaurant’s magnificent fountain and gaze upward in its own brass-plated signage, remember that it is performed to host Joko Widodo, Indonesia’s current president.

The menu consists of traditional favourites such as nasi gulung dadali (grilled chicken followed with a rice/corn mixture served at a banana leaf jar ), ikan bakar ala raja (complete fried fish garnish with sambal and refreshing salad) and also pindang tulang (bonefish chopped into a spiced broth).

Bakso Alex

Bakso, a famed Solo dish which has meatballs in transparent, flavoursome noodles, is Bakso Alex’s specialization. Though this little restaurant serves other food too — believe mie ayam along with ayam goreng — its own bakso types, such as bakso urat, are what draw clients from throughout the city.

Sit indoors or consume beneath the cover of an open floor porch as sailors rumble back on motorbikes. Bakso Alex isn’t the most important and the fanciest, but we believe its meatballs are absolutely delicious!

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Solo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.