What to expect on a private charter wine tour Margaret River

Private charter wine tour Margaret river is the newest, fastest and most fun way to tour the famous wine region. It involves tasting wines from 26 wineries in total (the number of permits granted for this tour), riding in a customized luxury motor coach, staying at exclusive hotels, having a private driver-guide who is also the receptionist and having your own chef cook gourmet meals daily. The following is what to expect on a private charter wine tour Margaret River;

1. Bottle of wine on arrival

There are thousands of bottles of wine in a cellar, and if you asked what to expect on a private charter wine tour Margaret River , the owner would probably say that he wouldn’t like to give them away!

2. An array of fine wines at every stop

The vast majority of wineries along the tour have their own cellar or bottling line and produce fine red wines, whites, fortified and dessert wines. Each tour has a different theme with different varieties being used by each winery. There is no other way to find out what the best is with such a varied range than an independently owned family business with 25+ years experience producing quality wine.

3. Lunch and dinner

All wineries that produce wine have their own restaurant, or are happy to arrange a local restaurant if one is not available in their own grounds. Most wineries serve lunch and dinner daily from 12pm – 8pm. This another reason you should visit private charter wine tour Margaret River.

4. Tasting of your choice

The four-hour tour includes 11 stops with time for you to taste wine at each. The tasting lasts about 20 minutes and involves pouring a sample of the wine you chose before the owner explains where it’s from and how it is grown and then talks about its merits. However, there are some wineries that are more generous than others; some provide unlimited tastings while others do not.

5. Hotel of choice

All wineries provide you with a choice of accommodation in their own grounds or if they don’t have a hotel, they will arrange one for you, but it must meet the same standards as would be expected in a high-end hotel. The best hotels are two-star and provide standard accommodation with an en suite bathroom, air conditioning and mini bar (although the size of each room varies). The smaller hotels that do not offer en suite bathrooms are fairly standard.

6. Your guide

The owner of the winery is your guide and receptionist. He will be dressed in a wine tour company uniform and will ask you to book your tour with his company on the day of your visit. This costs between $45-$55 per person for one or two people (extra people at $15 each).

7. Hotel, driver and guide

You are provided with a chartered motor coach that comfortably seats up to six adults and can hold up the luggages. The owner usually drives himself, but there’s usually a driver in the vehicle who speaks English.

8. A chef

The chef at private charter wine tour Margaret River is usually the owner of the winery, although some wineries have a separate chef for their own services. He cooks three gourmet meals a day for you and your group of up to eight people and will provide you with an extensive menu.

9. Private time

Your tour lasts approximately four hours, but there is plenty of time for you to do as much or as little as you like during this time. Some private wine tours involve a “road show”, where winery owners take groups around their vineyards, while others offer guided tours by appointment.