What can be called a perfect body shape?

Women of all ages are under a constant pressure to meet the usual beauty ideals of the present society, but what actually is a perfect body shape? Well, the question has been in debate for the past several years and several studies have been done to know the ideal female body measurements and shape.  Usually, a perfect body shape for a woman is tall, skinny with an hourglass body figure. 

Culture plays a major role in determining the perfect body shapes, especially your hips and breasts. Having big breasts and large hips is a sign for fertility. The last breasts are feasible to store milk for the baby where large hips reveal that a woman can easily give birth. There are several studies done on the breast and hips size. Some of the results are:

  • Curvy figures play the same role as drugs on men.
  • The larger the assets of a female, the longer the men gaze.
  • Women with larger thighs and hips have a better reproductive scope.
  • Having additional fat in these areas produce omega-3 fatty acids which help with brain functioning at the time of pregnancy.

Apart from culture a good figure can be found out by attraction. A perfect body shape has been labeled with these specs:

  1. Good ski, fit body and sleek legs.
  2. Large busts, curvy hips and perkier butt

There are a few terms for a woman’s body shape: apple, pear, banana or hourglass. A pear-shaped body means a smaller figure at the top and   wider hips and legs down to the knee. An apple shaped body means heavier on the top side and thinner on the lower part. A banana body means women with shoulders and waist of same width and similar width hips. Lastly, an hourglass figure is marked by larger thighs, bigger buttocks, bigger bust and smaller waist.

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A lot of women have the suitable hourglass figure but they still feel the urge to shed some weight or change their body shape. So, if you want to attain a figure of your choice, then you need to exercise and change your diet. Apart from this shapewear is the most feasible option to look 10 to 15 pounds lighter. 

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