What Are Actually The Best Types of Wood For Your Interiors? – Know The Top 5 Varieties in OH

Wood forms a significant part of most home decors all over the globe – irrespective of the culture or the weather of the place. This is also true because there is a massive variety of wood textures, grain patterns, and colours available in the market.

These days you can find the best of wooden homeware and even decoration products like homemade wood signs in Chillicothe, OH, readily available in the market and online stores. Quickly run through the top varieties of wood for interiors.


Oakwood has been an essential part of almost every child’s growing-up years. While it might have been used in the yard during your childhood, this wood is regularly used as a raw material for your dining room furniture – both table and chairs.

The pros of using oakwood are that it is pretty sturdy and handles the shock well. You will find it in many shades of white and red in Ohio. Along with furniture, you might as well use it for the flooring installation. The special grain pattern makes it a nice pick for your interiors.


Pinewood is another favourite pick for furniture making and building interior design features. It is hugely popular due to its easy availability, cost-effective nature, and beautiful design.

In terms of costs, you will pay 50% lower than other hardwoods in the market, so people go for the wood.

Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is a great variety of wood with a classic look. You can use it for furniture building and wall cladding processes. Generally, cedar wood is available in a dark colour theme, making it a great option for classic and traditional interior styles.

Another fun fact about cedar wood is that it comes with a naturally sweet aroma which gives a very close-to-nature feeling to the product. Cedar wood is being used in the city for both modern and contemporary style homes.

Alder Wood

Like most hardwoods, Alder Wood is ideal for furniture making, ceiling installations, wall paneling, picture frames, decore, and even homemade wood signs in Chillicothe, OH. 

One of the significant selling points of this wood is its outstanding appearance and the light brown subtle grain patterns. You will find the grains of Alder Wood to be straighter than hardwoods like oak or ash.

Alder Wood can be used for an array of custom woodwork tasks, and you can even stain the wood to obtain the texture you desire. The overall feel of this wood is very similar to Birch Wood, the only difference being the price, with Alder Wood as the cheaper option.

Reclaimed Barn Wood

Chillicothe, OH, is famous for using reclaimed barn wood for the city houses’ sidings and furniture. Reclaimed barn wood, also called historical wood or story wood, is simply wood with a story.

You can buy reclaimed wood in the city at many stores and even ask for the history of the wood. Having wood with history attached to it will be a great conversation starter at parties and even more if you are a history fanatic.

Wrapping Up

It’s pretty clear that wood is essential for your homeware and interior design process. In fact, with the proper artisans and contacts, you will be able to build some beautiful decorative items with wood. A strong recommendation will be to check the quality of wood being used for the designing process to ensure you are being offered a quality product.