Water Can Ruin Any Watch By Weakening Its Mechanism

Many of us buy branded watches, but if it gets damaged by water, it acts as a bummer. As the water accidentally flows inside the watch, it creates a fog or condensation, which is infuriating when you are about to see the timing. Fixing water damaged watch (วิธีซ่อมน้ำเข้านาฬิกา, which is the term in Thai) is tedious work, as you need to open it part by part to clean the water; otherwise it will create rust.

How Does It Happen?

If your watch is old enough and you had planned to dive into the deep sea, then water will surely seep inside it as most of the parts got loosened, especially the plastic cover on the top. Antique watches are not waterproof, so their mechanism automatically fails whenever they come in contact with water. Suppose you are washing dishes, watering plants, or doing laundry; then you can see the fog inside your watch as tiny water droplets can make the difference.

Why Was Fog Created?

As we know, water is cool by itself, so if water enters inside the watch, it forms vapour as heat is generated from our body which causes fog. Now if the water gets in touch with the watch’s circuit board of the watch then we must take it seriously as it can cause rust and stop working gradually. So you need to consult the expert immediately to get it back.

How Can It Be Soaked?

We all fix our watches at first by applying our technique. So a few home remedies will help fixing water-damaged watch easily.

  1. Soak your phone in rice for a few hours, as the rice will help to absorb all the moisture. But rice must not be placed in a moist container; otherwise, this process will fail.
  2. Try to use a moisture-proof bag to keep your watch inside it while diving.
  3.  Use a soft tissue or a blow dryer when your watch gets wet. Remove the back part and wipe slowly, so it absorbs all the moisture. Try to set a time for the blow dryer, as too much heat can cause damage.


 So if your watch is not water resistant, try not to swim while wearing it, and if you still need to fix it, try to consult an expert hurriedly before things get worse. The professionals are fully equipped, so they can easily fix it within a day.