Types Of Sliding Partitions, Which Is The Best For You?

This type of partition uses a system of rails that allows you to drag the glass for easy access, as well as to close it once you have finished. You can choose from a wide variety of designs to fit perfectly in your bathroom . You choose the best one for you!

Corner Partitions

You will find both semicircular and rectangular corner partitions. They stand out for their practical design, since they adapt perfectly to your bathroom with the design that you like the most. Make the most of your bathroom!

Give meaning to that space that you have in a corner of the bathroom and, at the same time, get one more element in the decoration. This type of partitions will help you make the most of the space available in your bathroom .

Semicircular Screens

Among the most used are semicircular partitions. These adapt very well to the bathroom, as they are discreetly camouflaged in the room. In addition, it makes the bathtub a cozy and intimate place to relax.

The practicality of the screen lies in the way it opens the door , since it allows you to get out of the shower with comfort and safety. If you have small children, it is perfect, since it allows ample space to help them lather, rinse…

One of our favorite models is the Nilo semicircular partition . Thanks to its profiles it will adapt to your shower tray perfectly. How about?

Rectangular Screens

On the other hand, there are the rectangular partitions. They are those that facilitate entry from the side, making it more aesthetic. Being a sliding door to one side, the space in the bathroom is more optimized .

If you have not decided on any, we recommend the pisa black rectangular partition , it is ideal to avoid splashing. You can see more when you visit bathroom showrooms kent.