Trends in Innerwear for Men: What’s Hot Right Now

As fashion evolves, innerwear for men is not being left behind. Designers and fashionistas give lots of attention to men’s underwear, and due to this, there are so many exciting trends in the world of men’s innerwear. 

Previously, men used to wear cotton undershirts and boxers. But with the changes in fashion trends, designer and stylish men’s underwear came into existence. Now, designers are not only concerned about the comfort of the innerwear for men but also pay attention to style, fabric, colour, prints, & shapes. 

However, with so many styles available, it can be challenging to identify which will suit you the best. Let us explore the latest trends in innerwear for men.

The Latest Trends in Innerwear for Men

  • Briefs for men

Briefs for men are the most comfortable innerwear, & you can wear them under any clothing. These are not easily visible under clothing, which makes them a perfect choice for everyday activities. Briefs for men are very comfortable when you choose a quality fabric. They are available in various prints and colours. You can opt for elegant black and white or play with different prints and patterns of the briefs trending this season. 

  • Men’s trunks

Men’s trunks are the most trending innerwear, becoming a wardrobe staple. These are a combination of briefs and boxer shorts but offer shorter legs than boxer briefs. Men’s trunks are typically made of stretchable material, which makes them perfect for workouts or physical activities. The trunks fit snugly against the body, providing support without feeling too tight or restrictive. 

  • Boxers for men

Boxers are traditional men’s underwear that offers maximum breathability. This keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day with its breathable and roomy fit. Because of their comfortable fit, roominess, breathability, and variety of styles, they have been a popular choice for men for decades. You can enjoy a variety of styles in boxers, from traditional woven cotton boxers to more modern designs like athletic boxers. Due to their breathability, the boxers help reduce sweat and prevent odour. 

  • Men’s Vests

Among various innerwear for men, vests are the ones that are worn inside the shirt. Men’s vests are available in different styles, colours, and prints as per the requirements. You can wear men’s vests while hiking, jogging, gymming, cycling, or performing other sports activities. 


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