After taking a look around my blog myself I have realize that I do enjoy to talk about countries and destinations with masses of history and culture (who can blame me, experiencing a country’s culture and history is awesome) so I have decided to write a post for those pure party holiday makers and give you the low down on my top party destinations around the world.

Whether you are a group of mates, just boys, just girls or a mix then heading aboard to somewhere where you can let loose and let’s be honest you can try your luck with play online pokies get absolutely wasted is right up your street. Although I do enjoy to explore and hit up the local historic attractions as you can see from my about me page, I do love a beer and a party. So here are my top picks on the hottest party destinations around the world for this year.


We all knew it! Ibiza would have to be top of the list as it is most commonly known as the party capital of the world. With sun, sea, cheap drinks and chart-topping DJ’s, Ibiza is one of the most sort after locations for any party goer. The party here goes on all summer long and you can enjoy raving with 10,000 other people in one club, head over to an Ibiza Rocks event or even party the night away on the beach with many other party mad travelers. From previous experience, make sure you make the opening or closing party as they are the most incredible nights and a party you do not want to miss!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, or should I call it, Sin City is a party hotspot that cannot be missed. Gambling all day then hitting the strip after is a sure way to cater to all of your party needs, real money pokies for exciting offers. Whether it be day or night you will not be disappointed when in the city that never sleeps as there is always a party you can head to. Although an incredible party location, Las Vegas is also known for its rules and regulations so be sure to keep to them if you want to walk away with happy memories. I mean we have all seen the Hangover now, haven’t we?

Rio De Janeiro

Brazilians are known for their beautiful women and party atmosphere so be sure to find time to make your way over as soon as possible. Brazil will be the home of the Fifa World Cup and the Olympics so for the best parties I would arrange a trip there around the time of these events. Although it may be more expensive, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. From previous experience, the Brazilians know how to party on a normal night out, let alone when millions of people will be watching them on TV and whilst two of the biggest sporting events are taking place in their home country. One event not to miss is the annual party called Revellion, which is held on Copacabana Beach after Christmas all the way through to New Year’s Day. Make sure you experience this event as it will be one party you will never be able to experience anywhere else in the world.


I have recently written about Thailand and their incredible country with all the culture in the world to soak up but on the other hand they do throw a mean party. The Thai people really know how to party all day and all night with some of the best-known parties in the world. One event not to miss is the Full Moon Party; Koh Phangan This is a non-stop 24-hour rave with some of the most insane partygoers in the world. Put this one high on the list as you must experience this party at least once before you’re travelling days are over.