Tips to Make a Remix That Would Instantly be a Hit

Remixing a song is totally a different concept from making an original song. While making a remix may seem to be quite easier than making an original song, however, if you don’t know the concept of where to start, then, it might be time-consuming and tedious. There is a various number of ways to approach towards a remix, and you will find yourself struggling to get started. Moreover, there is always pressure to be up to the mark to match the quality of the original song.

  • The first question which might come is why to make a remix as you can focus on creating original tracks. You should know that if you create a remix and win a contest for the artist, then your career will get kickstart as the winning remix will get published on official remix page which will give exposure and a chance to gain label and promote by the artist.
  • A unique remix can boost your career to the next level and help build up your reputation. Therefore, you should never underestimate the power of popping remixes and the fame it can provide to you.
  • Now, the question is where to find good remix opportunities. A good remix usually starts with a quality source material. When you work with the best audio quality of the tracks, then there is a better chance of bringing out the professional sounding outcome. When you become a seasoned producer, then you will get contacted by labels to remix tracks.

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  • You should never miss the opportunity to participate in remix competitions from your favorite artists as there are chances that they will post on their social media page. Therefore, regarding the stems, you should ensure to ask them for the highest possible quality as this is the golden rule towards success.
  • There are certain times when remix contests will provide you with both pieces of information while on other cases, you won’t have any of that. While you are at the beginning of your career, it is highly recommended to recognize whether you are writing in key or not. The first thing that you can do is check if the original track is on Beatport as you will get the key and tempo of the track from that.
  • Don’t overthink, and just do it. Just relax and sit down with a notepad and write down whatever ideas come to your mind the first time you listen to the track.

By following all these tips, you will be able to create a remix of a song easily and gain fame for it.