Tips to Buy Wedding Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are classy and popular wedding day jewelry just like diamond engagement rings. It is a symbol of love, purity and infinity. They are believed to bring happiness in any marriage. Fortunately, these gems are versatile and offer wide range of shape, colors, and styles to choose.

Choose finest pearl jewelry

It is crucial to find an appropriate bridal jewelry to get a complete look.

  • Start from dress.
  • Select jewels, which complement your dress style and hair accessories.
  • Avoid blending vintage pearls with contemporary dress design.
  • Freshwater pearls are great option for a pastel colored bridal dress or gown.
  • You can choose plethora of natural colors to choose from.
  • Peach, white, pink, and lavender pearl jewelry set will blend with any shades of the dress you choose.
  • Pearl has a softness feel that evokes feminine and contemporary feel to a girl’s appearance.

Which type of pearl necklace to wear?

This will depend on the neckline of your dress. For example, you will discover that long pearl necklace having a pendant encrusted with intricate diamond design worn on a bridal dress with deep V-cut neckline will offer you an elegant and sophisticated look that will grab everyone’s attention.

For a sweetheart neckline, princess length Akoya pearl strand will flawlessly complement her neck and shoulder. For round neckline, choose choker pearl necklace because its short length can highlight her collarbone. Moreover, wear stud earrings to give away an air of style and grace.

No matching rule

The bridal jewelry must not be exactly matching bit is good to find a common element like the fabric, ruffles, and lace. Concentrate on what can be coordinated with the pearl jewelry you choose.

Budget for wedding pearls

Wedding jewelry has great sentimental value, so buy premium quality pearl jewelry. Make sure that the surface quality and luster is excellent. Surface quality defines nacre thickness, which further describes the pearls longevity to maintain its original appearance.

Fine Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls are expensive as their production is low. However, their beauty and luster are incomparable and can make an ideal heirloom for several generations.