The Tech Behind Modern Gaming

Many of us take modern gaming platforms for granted and at face value just accept that they’re getting better over time with little regard for what is making them better – but with just a little bit of knowledge you can not only enhance your own gaming experience but also better understand what makes the platforms as powerful as they are, but also help you make more informed decisions when it comes time to upgrade or change your preferred gaming platform.

Description: Bright Memory, the Action Game Made by a Single Developer, Is Getting  NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing Soon(Image from

The modern consoles – With a much longer lifespan than other gaming platforms, there’s a ramp up time to deliver on the best possible performance as developers discover ways to best utilise the hardware – with the latest consoles releasing this holiday season the most impactful change has been perhaps within the system architecture that allows games to run and perform much better leading to console performance that in some instances rivals what mid-tier performances are able to do. Higher framerates, faster performance, and a much better system overall will lead to an exciting development cycle over the next few years and are all factors that have managed to push consoles further aside from just the faster and stronger internal hardware.

Mobile gaming – As with the consoles, developers have become much smarter at enabling games to perform to their limits on different platforms, and this is especially important on mobile devices where the hardware is much more limited. Simpler styles of gaming through online casinos such as this list here for example benefit from additional features such as the use of integrated video and other smart features, and this tech is often overlooked – it’s not just about cramming as much performance in as possible, but utilising opportunities where there may be gaps to enhance the experience, made possible through clever design and clever coding.

PC gaming – The most powerful of the bunch, and where the most customisation is available. This has been seen for a long time as modders enable games to be taken past the developer limits with new or upgraded features, with many even pushing the limits with higher resolution textures to enhance the player experience. Whilst these features can be implemented during the development process, they often require a little more in-depth know-how to best push modern tech to the limits to bring the best out of these games. Features in modern cards such as ray-tracing certainly allow for this as it changes how lighting in games behaves as a most recent example, but there are plenty of other changes that have been made through the years to enable those most inclined to pull the best performance from current, and older tech.