Simple ways to keep energy costs down

How can you keep energy costs down without having to spend too much money on large investments? It is possible to save energy with simple means and small adjustments. We tell you how!

Check windows and doors

Paying expensive heating costs and then letting the heat seep out a little here and there feels unnecessary. But the fact is that much of the heat escapes through uninsulated external walls, ceilings and floors, while cold air from the outside enters through small cracks in windows and doors. This leads to very unnecessary heating costs. Therefore, start by checking your windows to identify any leaks. You do this by inserting a sheet of paper between the window and frame – if the paper can be easily pulled out, it is not tight enough. You can also use a lighted candle to see if air is coming in.

Install new sealing strips

Once you have identified where in the house there are leaks, it is important to insulate to keep tight. With energy-saving sealing strips, you can insulate windows or doors to quickly and easily close the cold air outside. You can choose between sealing strips made of rubber, foam or silicone depending on how wide the gap needs to be sealed, as well as the desired durability and quality. Here at the stellarspins casino, you can find some amazing deals and offers.

Insulate water pipes

A simple and relatively cheap adjustment that saves a lot of energy is also insulation of the cold and hot water pipes. If you also have cold water pipes in a heated room, you must absolutely insulate them to avoid condensation on the outside of the pipes. This measure will be felt directly on the house’s heat consumption and can save several thousand on your annual heating costs.

Adjust the thermostats

The temperature you have in your home obviously also affects your heating costs. Did you know that there are recommended temperatures for different rooms? Living room, kitchen and bedroom are recommended a temperature of 18–21 °C and bathroom 23 °C. By only lowering it by one degree, you save 6 percent on your heating costs. Also, don’t forget to let the air out of the element when it starts making bubbling sounds. One of the best casino games online is slots online which is available at all the major casinos.

Weather the right way

Ventilation is also important in winter because the walls cannot breathe then. Without ventilation, you cannot get rid of the moisture and mold can form. Invest in quick airing two to three times a day for about five minutes. However, kitchens and bathrooms may require fresh air more often due to the higher humidity. If you need help financing parts of your minor energy renovation, you can use our Easy-living credit card – a card with many benefits.