Simple hacks to prevent games crashing or lagging on your smartphone

The mobile gaming industry is indeed evolving very quickly. Gamers can now participate in advanced games like Fortnite from the comfort of their smartphones. But is it safe to say that mobile gaming offers the same experience as playing on your desktop?

Well, not quite. One major downside with mobile play is the slow loading that players often experience on their iPhone or Android smartphones. Sometimes these games could even crash completely.

Luckily, there are several ways to prevent such problems. This article will be dishing out simple hacks you can use to enjoy all the fun games at the top NJ online casino without slow loading.

Compatibility is critical: Make sure that the phone is compatible with the game. For instance, in the early days of Apple, iOS phones could not play casino games.Now, most mobile operating systems support these video and online games. However, not all phone models and versions do. For instance, Fortnite on Android requires 4GB or higher and an OS of Android 8.0 Oreo or higher. Also, the phone should have 3GB of free onboard storage.

Mobile upgrade: Upgrade your phone as regularly as possible. You can opt for the auto-update option for your phone,so you do not miss out on any essential upgrade. If your device is upgraded correctly, it stands more chances of properly running most games. These include live games like roulette on your mobile.

Strong signal: For online games, you will need a strong signal. If you notice that there is a poor signal, you can always change your location. Look for a spot with a stronger signal. Gamers are also advised to switch off their phones occasionally to help fix IP-related issues.

Temp cache: Clear your temp cache regularly. You need this memory space as accessible as possible.

Virus/Mobile corruption: If the mobile device is corrupted, gamers can back up their data and then proceed for Factory reset. This would help eliminate most of the phone’s content alongside the virus or source of the problem. In the case of a virus or malware, you might need to confirm with a scanner first.

Bad installation: The mobile game might be misbehaving because it was not installed correctly. In this situation, uninstall and then reinstall.

Game servers: Sometimes, the fault is from the game server. In the case of high latency, very little can be done in this regard. You can contact the developers for solutions.

Poor game development: There is a possibility that the game was not properly created. Some games are simply unable to carry out the intended high performance. It would be best if you avoided such games.

Close all apps: It is essential to close all the apps running in the background. Your device’s CPU should be at its highest potential for the best experience.

Performance optimization: You can check if the game app is optimized for performance from the system settings. If it’s not, you can adjust it accordingly.


Games lagging or crashing can ruin your mobile gaming experience. It is often not a big deal and can be easily prevented by following one or more of the hacks listed above.