Revamping Your Bathroom On a Budget

You do not have to spend a lot to give your bathroom a new look. Updates on a limited budget are easier to achieve when you plan ahead.

One of the biggest costs of bathroom redesigns is labour, which is why you need to look at ways to cut this. A good method is to keep all the sanitary-ware in the same position and just update the pieces themselves. You will not have to budget for relocating your plumbing system which lowers the overall costs. The place to start is by visiting bathroom showrooms in Surrey, to get lots of inspiration and ideas.

Update the Tiles

If your bathroom looks outdated, updating the tiles can help. Your new tiles should be low maintenance and durable. They also need to be ideal for a room that gets a lot of humidity.

It is recommended that you try out some times before you commit. The tiles should work with your bathroom and provide the aesthetics you want. Checking this before placing a large order will save money on costly reorders.

Do What You Can Yourself

Another good way to control the costs is to tile the wall halfway. This covers the areas of the wall that come into contact with moisture. When you do this, you need fewer tiles and you can change the colour of the room by painting the rest of the wall.

At the same time, you can lower your costs by doing your own tiling. There are a lot of guides that show you what to do and online tutorials if you are nervous. You should also take advantage of the other resources at your local tile store. When you visit them, you can ask about the best tools, grout and tiles for your bathroom.

High-End, Low-Cost

The subtle style and hard-wearing properties of natural stone tiles have made them a timeless bathroom trend. The problem is that they can be expensive and are not really suitable for rooms exposed to water. Their naturally porous surface makes them a poor choice for certain bathrooms.

If you want to add some interest and colour to your bathroom for less, you should look at mosaic tiles. A few sheets of these tiles can go a long way in the room. You can cut them into strips for borders or make a focal point feature with them. The range of patterns also helps you add some personality to the room.

Save Time With Wall Panelling

If you do not want to face putting up tiles, you should consider using wall panelling instead. You will be able to install it yourself over the existing tiles in the bathroom. It is also 100% waterproof.

A Bit of Paint

A low-cost large transformation can be achieved with a fresh coat of paint that adds some colours. The paint you choose will need to be for the bathroom. It has to stand up to the damp and warm conditions of a bathroom.

The colours you choose should make an instant statement because most people do not spend a lot of time in the bathroom. There are some apps you can use which help you visualise what the walls will look like in different colours. You should also order testers to try out the colours before you commit to one.

Invest Now and Save Later

When you invest in some good-quality products, you will make a good financial decision. This is particularly important with brass-ware because higher quality items are more enjoyable to use. They will also last longer than the cheaper alternatives you can get.

When it comes to brass-ware, you need to ensure it works with your water supply. This will ensure you get more than a trickle of water when you turn the tap on.

Shower, Bath or Both?

If you want to save space and money, you should consider a shower–bath combination instead of a separate shower and bath. If you want the convenience of a shower enclosure, you can get low-profile shower trays and slender frames easily.

Other Money Savers

A shower valve will help you control the flow of water that exits the shower-head while setting the temperature. You can conceal this behind the wall of the shower enclosure and have a control plate or handles displayed. You can also have this exposed for the pipework is visible in the shower enclosure. This is not as sleek, but it will make it easier to install. If anything goes wrong, the repairs will also be easier with exposed pipework.

Wallet-friendly Vinyl Flooring

The average bathroom is small and changing the flooring should not cost a lot. This is particularly true when you choose a flooring material such as vinyl. If you are looking for low initial costs, you should go for the sheet variety.

While it is easy to install and durable, it will be hard to repair. If you have a high traffic bathroom, you should look at vinyl tiles instead. They are more expensive, but they provide a more realistic stone or wood effect and are water-resistant. They are also easy to fit and durable with the benefit of easy replacement should they be damaged.

There are times when you need to sacrifice style for affordability. This is not always the case as laminate flooring looks more like the natural materials they copy now.