Reasons To Hire Rat Removal Services.

Pests represent a significant threat to food safety and suitability. Pests pose a considerable danger to feed safety and practicality.

The likelihood of infestation can be minimized by good sanitation, an inspection of introduced materials, and good surveillance, thus limiting the need to use chemicals.

The maintenance and sanitation plan and the pest and rodent plan for proper rat removal should be comprehensive and include all strategies to achieve adequate pest management. Integral is understood as the implementation of physical, chemical and control operations to minimize pests’ presence. Let us remember that insects and rodents need environments that provide them:

  • Air
  • Humidity
  • Food
  • Shelter

To prevent their development, actions should be taken into account the following measures, which should be carried out continuously.

  • Clean all food that remains on surfaces or areas at the end of each day.
  • Clean retained grease in cooking areas.
  • Sweep floors, including under tables and machines, especially near walls.
  • Clean drains.
  • Clean up all standing water and beverage spills nightly.
  • Pick up soiled rags, aprons, napkins, and tablecloths. Washcloth items frequently.
  • Do not store items in cardboard boxes and on the floor.
  • Store boxes on wire and metal shelves if possible.
  • Do not deposit garbage near the processing area.

With the application of these actions, adverse conditions are created which hinder the development of the different pests.

In addition to preventive actions, physical control measures are essential. This consists of efforts to exclude pests in the processing areas.

Different non-chemical elements to capture insects, such as UV light traps for flying insects, glue traps for insects or rodents, and air curtains, are considered physical actions.

Another type of barrier is weed control in peri-domestic areas or access roads. Drain holes and other places where pests can penetrate should be kept hermetically sealed. The pest entry problem should be reduced using screens or nets, e.g., on open windows, doors, and ventilation openings.

Particular attention should be paid to bird activity. Nesting near the feeding facility should be avoided.

Treatment with chemicals (baits, insecticides) should be done in a manner that does not present a threat to the feed’s safety or suitability.

The application of chemical products must be carried out by qualified and trained personnel. Remember that improper handling and application of these products can lead to problems of intoxication.

Control measures involving treatment with chemical, physical or biological agents should only be applied under the direct supervision of the responsible professional authorized by the competent authority. Appropriate records of pesticide use should be kept.

Deratization is carried out as follows:

  • Placement of Non-Toxic measures (Sticky traps). Sticky traps are a non-toxic mechanism that uses trays of glue inside where the rodents are attracted by a natural bait such as a piece of cheese, bologna and find in the trap a kind of dark shelter, which is what they prefer.
  • Location of bait stations. Second-generation anticoagulant baits will be placed, which produce internal hemorrhages, progressive until they cause death without altering the litter of rodents of the reason for the massive end; these will be located in strategic sites. The baiting stations are distributed throughout all the areas to evaluate the possible entries and their presence in specific infestation sites and their possible vectorization. Weekly controls will be made in which the bait in an entire state will be evaluated to change its location and make replacements in the consumed bait.

They are locating the burrows if they are visualized inside and outside the facilities and sealing them with gases.

Installing hanging baits in culverts, if necessary. Mapping the location of tricks and monitoring weekly replenishment. Numbering the baits and locating them on the map. This type of action should be carried out by specialized personnel with abundant experience in rat removal services. Search for the nearest one to you online, and don’t forget to look for references.