Post-pandemic cleaning tips every business needs to know

As we move further past the effects of the recent pandemic, we now have the chance to look back at some of the lessons we learned during this unprecedented event. One of the key takeaways was the role that cleaning plays in maintaining the health and safety of your staff and the performance of your business. So, to keep your staff safe and your lights on, here are some important cleaning tips that every business needs to know.

Professional cleaning is an investment

Expenses are a fact of life for business owners, which is why the cost is one of the first pros and cons listed for any decision. Unfortunately, even after the recent pandemic, there are those that still fall into the trap of purely seeing cleaning as an expense. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that professional cleaning – like that provided by a facilities management company – is essential for the performance and survival of your business.

A cleaner workplace is not only more productive but more profitable, as you can reduce instances such as sick days taken due to common illnesses like colds. Proper cleaning will also improve the appearance of your workplace, which can help to impress prospective clients and new hires that you’re hoping to recruit.

Your staff can help

We all have a part to play in keeping our offices and places of work clean. However, if you don’t provide tools for your staff to use, you can’t expect them to contribute. You don’t go out and purchase a bunch of mops and products. Instead, simply providing small items like anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser can make a huge difference in the overall cleanliness of your workplace. For example, items used daily like keyboards, phones, and mice can often have more bacteria than a toilet. Providing your team with anti-bacterial wipes will allow them to clean these areas regularly which will reduce the spread of germs and other bacteria.

Stay up to date

Keeping up to date with cleanliness standards and hygiene practices can help you to stay ahead of illness and other events that can harm the productivity of your workplace. As part of this, we recommend giving regular training and updates to your staff about things like vaccines, hygiene practices, and more.

Better safe than sorry

Another important lesson that the pandemic taught us is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Some cleaning measures and practices may feel excessive or like a little too much, but it’s often better to have them just in case.

Wrapping up

By remembering these important cleaning tips, you can help to keep your staff, yourself, and your business safe now and in the future.