Online Casino 101 | Guide for Beginners

Got nothing to do after finishing work? Are you always bored after your shift? Add a bit of excitement to your life by joining an online casino in Myanmar! Nothing beats the thrill and excitement of winning a casino game. Playing is a perfect way to kill your time.

Before you start playing, you have to know the basics first. Get to know some tricks and tips to get the most out of your bets. Also, learning a bit about online casinos in Myanmar helps you avoid the common mistakes that most beginners make. You can find all this information here! This guide will walk you through all the things you need to know about gambling in online casinos.

Casinos & House Edge

One of the first things you should know about online casinosis the House Edge. You may have heard about it a lot before, but it is a foreign concept to people with zero knowledge of casinos. To put it in simpler terms, the house edge is the casino advantage. The casino has the upper hand each time you play their table games. The purpose of the house is for the casino to gain a substantial profit. Besides, establishing a casino is also business. The owners need to earn profit from running such establishments.

Often, casinos will only set a low percentage of the house edge to give the players a chance to win. Thus, it is not true that there is no way for you to win a game because of the house edge. Stories of jackpot millionaires would not have happened if this is true. You just have to know the rules in each game and learn a few strategies to increase your chances of winning. Who knows, you may even become a pro someday and earn more money out of online gambling.

Is there a way for you to know the house edge? Yes. In slot machines, it is, usually, displayed at the screen. Although it is not labelled as house edge. Instead, it is called RTP or Return to Player. As for other table games like blackjack, sic bo and poker, you may check the game rules as it often explains the house edge.

Types of Online Casino Games in Myanmar

Once you join a live casino in Myanmar, you will discover a wide variety of games. It may be overwhelming at first. You do not know which one you should start playing first. If you decide to jump right into it without much thinking, then there is a high chance that you would only lose a lot of money.

Since you are betting your hard-earned money on it, you should at least play it safe at first. Start with the most simple games like tables games. Here are some of the types of live casinogames that you should try if you are only a beginner:

  • Slots

Slots are the most simple game you can play on an online gambling casino. The rules are simple. You just have to click the spin button and wait for the slot to reveal a combination. The traditional slot game is just a 3 column combination. However, in online casinos, slots have more variety. You may play a 5-reel slot, a progressive slot, a multi-play slot, and a whole lot more! The downside about slots is that they are based purely on your luck.

  • Roulettes

Roulettes are of the table games that are beginner-friendly. They are easy to play because you only have to place a bet on a number in the roulette table and see if the ball falls on it. You can bet on different numbers all at once as this strategy increases your chances of winning. If you are brave enough or you are feeling extra lucky, then you may place your bet on a single number.

  • Baccarat

The next one is Baccarat. It is a simple game of cards that has a low house edge. You might want to try it out if you want a game that you can easily win. There are two or three cards laid down on the table, and place a bet on either the player or banker. The hand that has a higher score is the winner. You might want to check out some baccarat guides online to get an idea of how baccarat works.

  • Blackjack

If you are more of a strategy-type of player, then you would most likely enjoy Blackjack. It is almost similar to Baccarat, however, the rules are more complicated. Since it involves having strategies, there are higher chances of winning. You just have to do some research and master the basic strategies to maximise your bets.

Final Thoughts

Before you start playing, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, is to manage your expectations.Online gambling casinos are not your ticket to wealth. Expect that you may lose a few games at first, and it will take time for you to discover your best strategies. Thus, you should always gamble in moderation. Indeed, it is fun and exciting to play even a simple game of slots, but you have to set a limit. You do not want to end up getting bankrupt, do you? So, play just leisurely.

Lastly, always make sure you only play at trustworthy online casinos in Myanmar. Remember that you are betting your money on the games, so you have to make sure you would not get scammed. If you haven’t found an online casino, then you may want to check out Kyat88. Rest assured that it is one of the trustworthyonline gambling casinos in Myanmar.