Important Things to Know About Hand Injuries and Surgeries

There’s merely no chance around it, we require our hands. It can be said that the complex, versatile structure of the human hand is a large part of the reason why humanity has made it this much. However, our hands, while outstanding, are fragile frameworks involving many bones, ligaments, and ligaments that can be wounded more easily than you could think. If your hands have been creating discomfort lately or you’ve had a current injury, you might want to reach out to a hand specialist in Singapore to see if you’ve gotten approved for a hand surgical procedure.


When to know when you need hand surgery?

The most obvious factor to look for surgery for your hand is if you have pain or immobility that avoids you from utilizing your hand. Any kind of failure to use your hands as you typically would is an indication that something isn’t quite ideal with your hand structure or performance. If you aren’t sure your hand discomfort suffices to get approved for surgery, after that you should be asking two questions: Do you have symptoms of a hand injury, and do you need hand surgery in Singapore?

Symptoms of a hand injury

The signs and symptoms of a hand injury are available in numerous different forms, and often the signs and symptoms themselves are small or only last a few days. Some hand injuries, such as discomfort that originates from overworking, do settle themselves. Various other hand injuries are much more intricate and might consist of symptoms such as:

  • Swelling in joints or wrist
  • Sharp pain when relocating hand
  • Stability
  • Failure to use your hand
  • Shattered bones
  • Bones piercing the skin
  • Dark bruising
  • Numbness in your hands or fingers

Any of these symptoms are a sign of a much more significant issue, and you will need a hand specialist in Singapore. Feeling numb in the hands or fingers, in particular, is a feasible sign of nerve damage resulting from overuse or a hand injury that has never been treated. Swelling in the joints and wrist, problem moving the hand, and pain in the hands are additional warnings to look out for.


Conditions that need special care and expert’s help

In some cases, all a hand injury requires is ice, elevation, and a couple of days of disuse, such as if you have sprained your wrist or jammed a finger. Other times, you may have obtained a diagnosis for a hand injury that is more severe or that needs a lot more therapy than you can get from an urgent treatment centre. Usual medical diagnoses for hand injuries include:

  • Wrist pain
  • Carpal passage
  • Rheumatoid joint inflammation
  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Ligament tears
  • Cracks
  • Various other problems

We utilize our hands and also wrists for a plethora of motions and tasks daily. When our hands suffer an injury or establish a condition, it can be challenging to maintain an active lifestyle and take part in tasks that we enjoy.

There are a variety of hand problems that can be dealt with using nonsurgical treatments. Nevertheless, in cases where nonsurgical treatments stop working to minimize signs and symptoms, surgical intervention comes to be essential.

You can trust a skilled and proficient hand specialist in Singapore to make the appropriate recommendation for when surgical treatment ends up being needed for your specific hand or wrist concern.

Among the many various problems and injuries that hand surgical procedure can correct are the following:

Wrist Pain

Pain in the wrist can be indicative of a couple of points, such as a pressure or a strain, and even a hairline crack. Wrist pain that gets worse with motion yet doesn’t seem to be triggered by damages to a bone might be a sign of other swelling or injury that needs to be diagnosed by a hand professional. Tendonitis of the wrist and overuse from sports (tennis and golf) may be a reason for wrist discomfort that needs to be treated by a hand doctor.

Repetitive Strain Injury

A repetitive strain injury is a usual hand and wrist problem that is defined by tingling in the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome in Singapore is particularly caused by typical nerve compression, which is when a nerve in the wrist is pinched to the point of triggering numbness and prickling in the hands, especially the thumbs and tip fingers, and in some cases the size of the entire arm.

A repetitive strain injury is a treatable problem and likewise has differing degrees of intensity. Some individuals who have repetitive strain injury do not need surgery for treatment, but for those that do require surgical treatment because the damage to the median nerve is too great, a hand specialist is the best alternative.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid joint inflammation is among one of the most usual types of chronic autoimmune disease that creates the body immune system to assault the joints in the body. In the hands, rheumatoid arthritis first presents as stiffness in the wrist, knuckles, and fingers; as rheumatoid joint inflammation progresses, inflammation, rigidity, swelling, and immobility of the joints will certainly develop. You would need to see a hand specialist in Singapore right away.

Unattended, rheumatoid joint inflammation can considerably affect motor features, enhance the risk of infection, and create persistent pain. The medical remedy for rheumatoid joint inflammation in the hands is to change the unhealthy cells around the joints with pillows to maintain the bones in the hand divided.

Degenerative Arthritis

Degenerative joint inflammation, also called osteoarthritis, is the “wear and tear” kind of joint discomfort caused by overuse of the hands and wrists. Lots of people with degenerative joint inflammation are older and have had a lifetime of excessive use of the hands, creating the cushioning cartilage between the bones of the hands to wear out, which creates swelling and significant discomfort. Treatment for this condition is similar to the hand surgery in Singapore used to treat rheumatoid joint inflammation.

Tendon Ruptures

A tendon rupture takes place when there is an injury to the ligament, normally caused by high-impact force or severe hand injuries that lead to deep cuts, specifically on the wrists and the palm of the hands. Ligament tears can likewise be caused by sports injuries. The traditional signs of a ligament rupture are the weak point in the hand and an inability to bend joints in the hand without discomfort. Tendon ruptures may be treated with surgical procedure or with various other therapies.


Fractures are breaks in the bones that require to be set to heal. Bones that are broken in the hands and wrist can be hairline cracks, ruined bones, and clean breaks, and each of them can be repaired with a surgical procedure. Depending on the kind of fracture you have, setting the bone may need intrusive procedures and approaches. Neglected bone fractures in the hand can trigger loss of mobility and pain if you don’t see a hand specialist in Singapore asap.

Other Hand Conditions

There are numerous various other conditions that you might have been identified with to explain the source of the pain in your hands or wrist. As an example, a slightly less usual hand injury is a TFCC tear, which is when the cartilage attaching the wrist to the hand is damaged so terribly it creates a loss of movement and wonderful discomfort. Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex splits are dealt with by removing the cartilage from the hand and may lead to long-lasting problems.


What are the things to expect about the surgery?

If you do have signs of a hand injury or you have obtained a medical diagnosis from one more doctor or facility, it’s a feasible surgical procedure to fix your hand remains in your future. However, just because you have a reference to ahand specialist in Singapore does not indicate you will immediately receive a medical option for your therapy. Among our hand professionals will certainly be required to manage your medical records to establish if your hand injury calls for surgical treatment or one more type of treatment.


Appointments are the single-most-important action in establishing if you call for a surgical procedure to treat your hand injury. Consultations will go over just how you were hurt, the sort of discomfort you have, and any other signs and symptoms you have. If your professional figures out that you will certainly require surgery, they will look at info such as exactly how the surgery is performed and the assumptions for your healing.

Your hand specialist in Singapore likely will not have the ability to identify the degree of your injury simply by considering your hand. We commonly need individuals to complete particular examinations, such as x-rays and checking the toughness and range of activity in your hand.


Your treatment will eventually rely on the sort of hand injury you have. No 2 hand injuries are fairly the very same, which indicates that your therapy strategy will certainly be customized to your exact needs. For hand surgical treatments, it’s common for bones to be set back together, to get rid of broken cartilage material, and to deal with burst ligaments. Various other aspects of your treatment might consist of:


If you have a specifically bad or challenging crack, you may have cords or pins mounted on the bones in your hand. Furthermore, for those who have substantial damage to hand cartilage material or joints, you may have foreign materials like cushions, screws, and metal plates installed throughout yourhand surgery in Singapore to aid maintain your hand injury.


The majority of people that go through surgical treatment for hand injuries will call for a cast. Casts for wrist and hand injuries typically just go partway up the lower arm and only make you incapable to bend your wrist while the injury is recovering. Actors are constructed of a mix of plaster and fibreglass.


If you don’t require a cast after your surgical procedure, you might be offered a brace instead to maintain your injury immobile while you heal. Occasionally, individuals who have casts are provided dental braces to wear after the cast is removed, mainly so the person can proceed with recovery without the danger of re-injury.

Physical Therapy Rehab

The majority of our people likewise go through physical therapy to aid rehabilitate the movement of the hand and wrist. Physical therapy is typically working, which implies the goal is to aid the individual relearn tasks related to day-to-day living. Corrective physical therapy will certainly help return the toughness and variety of motion to your hand and educate you on exactly how to utilize your hand without incurring further injuries.

Patients are often in physical therapy for several weeks after they have recovered from a surgical procedure. The quantity of time you require to participate in physical therapy will certainly depend upon your specific hand injury and your treatment, in addition to how quickly you can progress with the treatment program.

Recuperation duration

The length of your recovery will certainly likewise depend on your specific injury and the treatment you have received. For instance, if you had a crack that needed to be established, you may just be called to use a cast brace for eight or two weeks.

Various other hand surgery treatments in Singapore might need lengthier recovery times, especially if the surgical procedure itself was invasive and included the installation of equipment. Your hand professional will allow you to understand how soon you can expect to recuperate.

Don’t take your hands for granted

Establishing your requirement for a surgical procedure will be done by a hand professional that will certainly analyze your injury, and other tests you have completed.

If you have discomfort in your hand or a hand injury that is intruding on your capability to function, you might need focus from a hand professional to diagnose and treat you. If you wish to look for more information regarding credentials for a hand surgical procedure and a wrist specialist in Singapore, contact Advanced Hand Centre today.