Ideal Used Car features required for a smooth and long term experience

The used car market has started to gain traction in the past few years. A quick fact about used cars; for every 3 new cars being registered, 4 used cars are exchanged. There are many reasons why people prefer a used car over a new car but not limited to the finances. New cars are discounted in value the minute they are registered in their owner’s name. And this is when buying a used car which is just a couple of months old becomes a deal not to be missed. A used car loan can be your saviour when you want to avail such deals. While most buyers have a limited budget, a used car can be their first step in fulfilling their automotive dream. Let us look at some important attributes that need to be considered before finalising your purchase –


After closely inspecting the exterior of the car, tires are one area that needs a closer look. You should check the condition of the tires, whether tread lines are clearly visible or they have started to disappear. It is always better to ask the previous owner, but to not take their word as the final one. Each tyre has a tire wear indicator marked by a triangle on the sidewalls of the tyre. The wear and tear of a tire can be measured by observing how close the surface of the tyre is to the triangle marked. Also, tires are the most important part that keeps your vehicle grounded. In case of any doubts, a new set of tires should be fitted before any use.

Safety Features

You should not compromise the safety of your vehicle for any other feature. Some safety features that are required in all vehicles are ABS and airbags. It has also been made mandatory by the law for every passenger car to have these features as standard. It is imperative to take note of this when you are buying a used car manufactured before 2019.

Air Conditioner

An air conditioner in your car is no more a luxury add on but an absolute necessity. With the increase in pollution levels and rising of dust particles, an AC keeps you protected in your cabin on wheels. The air conditioner system must be checked for any sounds and rattles along with gas leaks, if any when buying a used car.

Power Windows and Power Steering

Manual roll windows and normal steerings are a thing of the past. It is more of a necessity to have power steering making it easy to manoeuvre in traffic congestions. Power windows should be preferred as it eases the controlling of window operations in your car.

While the above are some of the features that you shouldn’t miss, you can avail used car finance to bring home your favourite car. Used car interest rates are affordable to the common man to fulfil their dreams of owning a car despite rising inflation levels.