How to Put Up an Ethical Pet Shop in the United Kingdom

You may be wondering what kind of business would thrive in your area of the United Kingdom. One good business you may consider is an ethical pet shop because UK residents love pets. There are two ways to go about this: you can invest your own capital towards a startup or you can buy business in United Kingdom. Whichever of these you choose, it will require an influx of money.

Why Does the Business Need to Be Ethical?

There are some pet shops that are simply out for the money. This means these businesses engage in practices that are questionable and cruel towards animals. One common practice is the so-called “puppy mills”. (Pet lovers now frown upon this practice).

These simply use a male dog and a female dog to mate constantly and keep churning out batch after batch of puppies. This is harmful to the female parent dog. Often, the parent dogs are kept in unhygienic and disgusting conditions. Once the parent dogs have been “used up”, they are simply disposed of.

Ideally, your business for sales should be conscious of the welfare of the animals in your shop. Even the small animals should be cared for before and after the sale. Though your pet shop would be a business, it should not treat the animals like ordinary things. Animals are living creatures that deserve respect and care as needed. Ironically, animals that are treated well in your pet shop will probably be more in demand.

Don’t Sell Everything and Anything

Some pet shop owners try to capitalize on pet lovers’ affection for animals by stocking almost every animal they can think of in the shop. This tends to stress animals out. This is true especially for those stuffed in cages that are too small to permit movement. It can also be difficult to keep the shop hygienic if there are too many live animals within the premises.

Try to sell only a particular category of pets and pet supplies. For example, if you have a good source of quality puppies and kittens, then sell only puppies and kittens. You might sell puppy food and puppy care items in one side of the shop. Then you could sell kitten food and kitten care items on the other side. This gives you enough time per day to keep the premises clean and tidy. It also means the animals won’t suffer from stress caused by cramped conditions.

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