How to clean your car’s interior

Everyone should clean their car once in a while as it will help improve the car’s air quality. It only takes two to three hours to clean a large vehicle like Subaru Forester. You may have to spend less time on smaller cars. You can start the process by collecting the equipment and materials for car interior cleaning.

Right Frequency of Car Cleaning

You can clean the cars in a clean area less often. If you use it frequently and the surrounding is full of dust, you may have to clean it more often. The frequency also depends on the type of vehicle. Subaru Forester is a durable car. You can clean it less frequently without fear of damage to the vehicle. It is not the same in all cases because the windshield may become blurred without frequent cleaning. It can lead to accidents.

Tools Required

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Trash Can
  • Cotton Swab
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • Bucket

Materials Required

  • Water
  • Dishwasher Liquid
  • Window Cleaner
  • Leather Cleaner
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Fragrance


You may find hundreds of detailed procedures to clean your car on different websites. Most focus on the exterior. Most hygiene experts recommend cleaning the car’s interior is more crucial. We will give you a guide to help you with the process. You can make a checklist of the steps. It will help you avoid missing any parts.

1- Debris and Trash Removal

You should open all doors of the car in an area with decent light exposure. You can look for debris and trash in all areas. The trash is under seats, in cup holders, and in door pockets. Removing trash manually will ensure you do not lose any documents during cleaning. You can also arrange different types of trash separately to aid in recycling. It is better to place documents, toys, and metal items in a separate location as you remove them from the car.

2- Floor Mat Cleaning

Most experts recommend removing the mats before you clean them as mats are the car’s parts interior with more dirt. Cleaning mats inside the car will force the dirt to go under the seats. You can remove the mats from the car and place them near the water supply area. You may want to wear a mask if there is a high amount of dirt on the mats. You can shake them before placing them in the cleaning area. It will ease the cleaning process by removal of most dry debris. Carpet mats require cleaning with the cloth cleaning liquid. You can clean the vinyl mats with detergent and water also. It is better to place them in the air for drying. It will take a few hours to dry them. Putting them back into the car without drying will promote smell production in the car.

3- Centre Console Cleaning

The centre console is an area where you touch the car most of the time. The cup holder is an essential part of the centre console. It is better to remove the cup holder and put it in water if the car has an option for cupholder removal. You can also take a sponge to remove dirt from the other areas of the centre console. A microfiber cloth will work in this process.

4- Glass Cleaning

You can get a spray bottle of glass cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to clean the glass parts of your car interior. Some experts recommend mixing glass cleaner liquid with soap water to obtain better results. You can spray the liquid on all glass parts including windshield, mirrors, and window glass. You can use a microfiber cloth to remove this liquid because it will give you a better cleaning result. You may have to arrange a different cleaning liquid for the tinted windows.

5- Deep Cleaning of Dashboard

It is better to start the dashboard cleaning process by removing resistant dust particles from the dashboard. Dust can enter into the small crevices of the dashboard. These areas can produce smell also. You can remove this dirt by using a toothbrush. The toothbrush bristles can enter small areas and remove the sticky dirt and grime. Cotton buds can perform the same function if they are wide. You can use a duster to remove the dirt from the dashboard’s surface after the crevices cleaning. It will give you a better cleaning result.

6- Cleaning Subaru Forester Leather

Leather seats of Subaru Forester and other cars like that can accumulate dust near the stitching area. Leather stitching makes crevices on the seat’s surface. You can remove the dirt from the crevices with a vacuum cleaner with an extension. A leather cleaner liquid will remove most dirt from the seats if you put it on a piece of cloth and clean the leather seats with it. Leather conditioner is also an excellent choice after seat cleaning to maintain the leather’s appearance.

7- Steering Wheel Disinfection

You can get disinfecting wipes from the market to remove bacteria and fungi from the steering wheel. The steering wheel can accumulate most bacteria because hands touch the steering wheel often. Moisture and heat from the hands promote the growth of bacteria on the steering wheel. You can clean it with a microfiber cloth after using a disinfectant.

8- Vacuuming and Panel Cleaning

Some dirt may fall on the car’s floor and seats when you remove mats. This dirt can stick to panels to make them dirty. A vacuum cleaner can help you remove this dirt. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the trash from the seats, floor, and panels. Some forget about the trunk’s carpet cleaning. You can use stain removal if there are stains on the carpet.

9- Getting Rid of Bad Smell

Baking soda is a perfect choice to remove the bad smell from the car. You can sprinkle it on the areas with the smell and leave it overnight. The smell will fade away when you remove the baking soda in the morning. Activated charcoal can also do the same function. You can keep it in your car for a long time as it does not damage the car’s materials.