Here are 5 Pole Dance Skills You Develop in the Post

Are you ready to become a dancer? Well, you might not be aware of it as it is not your primary goal why you joined pole dance classes in Singapore, but your body has its means to develop your hidden dancing skills. But if you decide to not push through with your new talent, then use your newly acquired expertise on your daily activities. Here are some skills you may achieve from being great on the post:


As soon as progress in your pole dance lessons, you may also notice improvements in your body coordination and flexibility. It involves your skill to effectively use your body parts while you are on the post. It also improves your gracefulness and coordination to do different advanced routines. Use it effectively, and you’ll likely end up one of the best trainees in your class!

You would also understand and feel your every move once you have developed this skill. It promotes fluidity that lets you express your feelings and makes you look more natural on the pole. Your dance instructor may also train you to let go of those awkward robot-like motions that seem unfitting for dancer wannabes. Thus, improving your movements and dancing skills at the same time.

Daily Use: Aside from your dancing prowess, you can also use your limberness in doing your daily activities. You no longer need to worry about reaching your high cupboards in the kitchen as you can easily extend your hands to do it. You can even fit in tight spaces in your home and clean them effectively with your elastic body. Do other extensions you learn from your pole dance class to complete your household chores efficiently.


You may also discover more about your body and be surprised at how fast you can now move after weeks of attending your classes. Most pole dance routines in Singapore today nurture your ability to shift locations from one place to another. These involve your effectiveness to use both the post and floor in one sweep.

It is an essential skill when you aim to learn more advanced lessons that require flawless movements. Your mobility will come in handy as you perform difficult chairwork and pole dance choreographies in your classes. It adds more gracefulness to your motion and makes it look more refined as you finish the routine. Again, your goal here is to complete your movements with finesse.

Daily Use: Did you know that you can also use your acquired quick movements from your pole dance class when you do your errands? Well, you don’t need to perform on a post you may see on the street, but you can maximize your mobility to finish your daily tasks. It also protects you from any injuries as your instructor may have already trained you to perform swift motions without hurting your limbs.


As mentioned, pole dance also trains you to deal with pain and sudden tensions in your muscles. It is normal to feel such discomforts when you do various routines. Thus, developing your awareness of doing these physical activities may ensure your safety on the post and prevent injuries as you complete your class.

It also improves your skill to be attentive with your surroundings and prevent accidents in your classes. Use your mindfulness to avoid hitting your classmates when you do floorwork routines in your Singapore dance course. Ward off hazards and risks when you perform challenging movements on the post. But still, prioritize your safety rather than finishing your class with high marks.

Daily Use: You can use your attentiveness whenever you’re inside your home. Maximize your vigilance to avert hazards like falling objects, knife cuts, and oil burns. Avert injuries from happening due to your slippery floors just because you’re inattentive of your surroundings. You can also take your alertness in your pole dance class into the streets to prevent road mishaps and accidents.


It is the most evident skill you may develop when you progress in pole dancing lessons in Singapore. It doesn’t only improve your arm and hand power, but your overall body strength to carry your weight while you do routines on the post.

There are also some advanced choreographies that you perform with a partner that may require you to be tough. Your fit body will also make any aerial, chairwork, or floorwork pole dance routines look flawlessly easy when you use the right skill to perform them.

Daily Use: Other than performing in front of the class, you can use your acquired pole dance strength to do your everyday activities. These include daily tasks like carrying your bags of laundry or groceries, transferring loads of paperwork to your desk, and climbing the stairs when the office elevator breaks down. These are simple chores when you think of them, but props to your developed body strength and you can finish these duties effortlessly.


Lastly, you also enhance your creativeness when you start doing your own pole dance choreography in class. Combine all your acquired skills and expertise on the post to showcase your talent. Furthermore, use your imagination to introduce new routines that would impress your trainer and classmates.

Daily Use: It doesn’t only broaden your creativity in the pole and dance floor, but it also enhances your imaginativeness when you perform your daily tasks at home or in the office. You can explore different possibilities on how you can make your work more fruitful and productive at the same time.

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