Food processors are as good as new

So my daughter runs a meal prep business from home. She makes healthy meals pre-prepped for busy families that meet specific dietary needs. She just started her business last year and has worked so hard to get to where she is now. It’s not an easy job. Not only does she have to keep stock of all the food itself, cook and package it, and manage customer service, she has to go through every single appliance that is used daily and make sure that each one is kept in working order. If one appliance breaks down during service, it can ruin an entire day in the life of business and profit for the day.

During her latest round of nightly inspections a couple weeks ago, she noticed one of the bowls on one of the kitchen’s Cuisinart food processors was starting to crack. This would not do. She has multiple food processors but sometimes uses them both at the same time to save time. A cracked food processor bowl could pose a potential danger to anyone using it, and would put the machine out of commission.

Food processors are the best tool. They speed up the process for so many common actions in the kitchen like chopping, mixing, shredding, grating, etc. So when she discovered the wear and tear on that one food processor it really worried her.

I decided to consult with my friend who also runs her own restaurant to see if I could help out. Where would be the best place to get a new unit at the best price? She directed me to Kitchen Works Inc, and let me tell you, this site is a gold mine. She uses it for all her kitchen supply needs and I could see why. Not only do they have Cuisinart food processor replacement parts, they also have everything you could ever dream of for your kitchen at reasonable prices. I showed my daughter and she was able to get replacement bowls for all five of the food processors used in her restaurant – if one was wearing out, it wouldn’t be long until the rest of them did, right? 

Once she cruised around on the site a bit more, she discovered a ton of other stuff on the Kitchen Works Inc site and was able to stock up on basic tools like spatulas, tongs, and ladles because everything was so affordable. Once the shipment arrived we opened it together and were pleasantly surprised by the quality. I might even snag a few items for my own home kitchen in the future.

But in the meantime, thanks to Kitchen Works Inc my daughter’s business is in tip top shape and ready to go. Thanks so much for being such a reliable place to shop!