Easy Day Hemp – Supplying What We Call CBD Oil Military 

At Easy Day Hemp, we channel our values as veteran Navy SEALs into all of our products. As such, we created CBD Oil Military with the purest ingredients to meet the highest possible standards of potency and efficacy. 

From start to finish, CBD Oil Military embodies the time, effort, and elite military precision that’s employed to create it. For example, our CBD suppliers are all hand-picked because of their commitment to producing the purest and highest quality CBD we use in our CBD Oil Military.

There are more and more companies appearing online, all offering what they claim is the best CBD on the market. We’re different from most because we’re owned and run by Veteran Navy SEALs, so we’re used to only accepting the very best. It’s this ethos that led us to create what we like to call CBD Oil Military. It is only made with the purest ingredients and meets the highest possible standards of potency and efficacy.

CBD Oil Military may only be a term we use ourselves to differentiate our product from the rest, but it embodies the time, effort, and elite military precision that’s employed to create it. We scoured the continent looking for CBD suppliers whose beliefs aligned with our own – that our customers deserve the purest and most health-benefiting CBD around.

CBD Oil Military is Extracted in the Most Gentle Way Possible

One of the reasons why CBD Oil Military is highly potent is that it’s extracted from the cannabis raw plant matter in the gentlest way possible. Some suppliers use solvents to extract the CBD, but this causes some of the natural goodness to be lost. Our suppliers use cold CO2 extraction to ensure that every drop of the health-benefiting CBD makes it through the process.

Ultra Low Levels of THC Exist in Our CBD Oil Military

There is a misconception out there that anything made from the cannabis plant will get you high, but that is far from the truth. The compound that gets you high when cannabis is smoked, THC, only exists in trace amounts in our CBD oil. So while CBD Oil Military may be created from cannabis, all it offers is support for the body and mind.

CBD Oil Military is Grown On Farms that Don’t Use Pesticides

Cannabis is what’s known as a hyper accumulator plant, which means that it draws absolutely everything out of the soil it’s grown in. Mars Hydro FC-6500 PAR Review is only sourced from farms that don’t use pesticides, as those same pesticides just end up in the plant and subsequently in those that take it. When making the best CBD oil, it pays to only accept the very best manufacturing processes.

CBD Oil Military – More Than Just a Catchy Name

At Easy Day Hemp, CBD Oil Military means something. To us, it’s a mark of quality that’s backed by an ethos of never settling for anything but the best. As a company owned and run by Veteran Navy SEALs, you wouldn’t expect anything less, would you? Just ask our customers, who love our products and the health support they provide.

If you would like to know more about us, our products, or the fact that we offer a lifetime discount of 30% to all veterans, head over to and take a look around. Alternatively, if you have any trouble deciding on the perfect product for your needs, give our team call on +1 (833) 393-4367 and we’ll direct you to your ideal CBD variety.