Decking and Timber Flooring Options for Your Outdoor Area at Home

If you are planning a deck in your outdoor area then timber decking can be a great option. This will offer you additional space in your home too where you can spend your time.

Although, these days there can be many other options besides using timber flooring option, however, this is considered to be the best option by any Gold Coast flooring company like 689 Pty Ltd.

There can be several varieties of hardwood to be used for your decking floor, where you can get matt, gloss, or semi-gloss options. Whenever you find any scratches or wear and tear on your hardwood surface then by using timber decking sanding services, you can always refinish them.

What are the benefits of going for timber decking?

1. Authentic timber can be a statement

If you prefer to go for timber decking then it can add significant value to the property. Besides that, timber can always be considered a gorgeous addition and can transform totally your outdoor design.

Timber decking can be a great investment for your properties and also be good for your personal use.

2. Timber can always be refinished

Another benefit of any floors of solid timber will be that you can always get a service of any floor installer from Gold Coast for getting your floor sanded and polished whenever you start noticing that your timber is losingits gleam. After refinishing surely your wooden floors willlook as fresh as new, almost like when they were installed first.

3. Property value

If you use hardwood for your decking then it can make avery good impact on the resale value of your house. For a larger property, it will be a better choice rather than using laminate flooring.

Cost aspects of wooden decking

The following are a few costs that you need to consider:

1. Decking installation

Timber flooring requires the use of screws, which cost between $50 and $100 for each square metre based on the elevation. The more costly it is to construct higher decking.

2. Timber sealing

Lacquer coats will be required to seal untreated timber decking. Water, insects, sunshine, and regular wear and tear are all protected by this. Sanding and sealing a floor cost about $50 for each square metre on average.

3. Maintenance

In order to maintain a decent appearance, your timber decking will need recoating every one to two years depending upon the conditions. For that, you may need to spend anything between $40 and $60 per square metre, to get a complete finish along with a fresh coating of lacquer.

In case you also need to do your timber staining, then you will need to spend another $20 to $30 for each square metre.

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