Be a great boss

Being a boss is tough, but being a boss who people want to look up to is even tougher. Having a great boss not only increases the productivity of the employees but they want to do their job efficiently for a pat on the back from a great leader. Here are a few qualities if incorporated can make you a great leader.

  1. Communication

Communicating the job required to be done in an efficient manner not only provides clarity to the task that is required to be done, but wastes less time for the human resources, energy and money for the same job to be done again.

  1. Taking responsibility

When a boss takes responsibility of a job gone wrong, the team appreciates it and this mannerism spreads. Team mates also try to knowledge and accept their fault knowing that the boss will take it positively and not negatively.

  1. Cleares Performance Expectations

Setting clear performance goals puts employees under less stress as they know what is expected of them.  This also means that the employee should know their job descriptions very clearly.

  1. Provides Consistent Feedback and makes employees learn

Everyone needs a feedback on their work, both positive and negative. Negative feedback should be enforced positively and they should be coached technically if required. Your employee might not even know that they need to learn.

  1. Cares About the Employee as a Person

Employees like every other person on the planet need to feel valued. This can be done by increasing inter-personal relationship status. This can be achieved by not talking about work only but the employee’s health, family and kids.

  1. Shares Personal Experience

Sharing personal experience of past work mistakes, or what got you promoted might help the employees feel that they are not in a robotic environment but a human one, and will make them feel more close to you.

  1. Makes Work Fun

Having fun means having a small get together for the team that involves no work and only fun. A great way to do this is celebrating the religious festivals in a mini way in the office as

  1. Fosters Team Development

Diverse personalities and varying frames-of-referencesspecially with the global environment nowadays, can make team interactions tense, a boss who can bring all the people together and nurture them as a team can produce great results.

  1. Values Employee Perspectives

Employees do the actual work of the company, and they know what’s wrong and what isn’t. A boss who can take the employees feedback into account and re-enforce it in a positive way with the client is a great boss. Someone who ignores the employee feedback, will never have a happy team.

  1. Rewards Good Performance

Everyone needs rewards, they can be financial promotions, good appraisals, or a clap from the whole team. These rewards are what make the employees work more and better. A good boss should always credit a good employee and not take their credit from the client.