Are there issues with your AC as it is blowing warm air?

When it is warm outside, we need something to cool down us and for this AC unit does wonder. Being a necessity, your AC unit can also show some issues that can make you mad. But don’t be because it is an alarming situation. One such thing is AC blowing warm air and there are reasons behind it that you should also know.

  • Thermostat causing problem

Sometimes when the AC starts blowing warm air, the issue can be related to the thermostat. Therefore, your first step should be turning it off and on frequently. Here, you should call technicians to help you with the thermostat.

  • Low refrigerant

Refrigerant is the important thing to be found in the air conditioner. It works by absorbing the heat and let the AC give cool air. The low refrigerant is an indication of any kind of leakage or malfunction in your AC unit. The formation of ice outside the condenser means the refrigerant is quite low. Though refrigerant is toxic and shouldn’t be handled by you. It is better to call a technician for your help.

  • Dirty evaporator coil

A central air conditioner usually has two sets of coils, one is an evaporator coil and another one is an outdoor condenser coil. The evaporator coil is designed for getting up heat from indoor air and present close to the air filter. If you haven’t changed the filter and it got dirty, so it is suggested to either clean it or change it as soon as possible. In case, it remains untreated the quality of air will get affected.

  • Electrical issues

HVAC systems are designed to work with a lot of power. A prominent reason for AC blowing the warm air is a circuit breaker. In case of high power demand, the circuit can break and shit automatically. If this is the case, it is wise to keep a check on the circuit because there could be an electrical problem.

Do I need AC maintenance?

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