Are Oversized Shirts In Style?

This is a huge question that we have to ask ourselves. If we consider that the oversized shirt is a basic of the women’s wardrobe, the large version of the latter will wreak havoc this season. Stylite has looked into the issue of oversize t- shirt men and untangled the trend through these looks of its girls who wear the XXL shirt to perfection!

The oversize trend – for very wide and very long clothes – never ceases to seduce fashion fans. Oversized jacket, XXL sweatshirt, oversized coat … We succumb with happiness to this ultra-comfortable trend. Among the essential pieces? The shirt combines comfort and elegance—the advice on choosing it well and wearing it with style.

Oversize is not necessarily synonymous with relaxation. An oversized top goes very well with more feminine pieces. The trick is to wear your shirt as if it were a jacket, so open over a slightly sexy or bikini top. Pair this set with a pleated skirt, elegant shoes, and a few accessories: chic and effortless. PS: if we chose a total monochrome look, it is not by chance. An outfit in one colour lengthens the silhouette.

Mom jeans or carrot jeans go perfectly with the elegance of the oversized shirt. Thanks to the belt tightened at the waist; you don’t have to worry about wearing two rather loose pieces together.

Oversized Shirt With Shorts

Take advantage of the autumn at the mild temperatures to adopt this hot look. A white (or coloured) shirt which is a Yishion fashion wear with beige shorts goes perfectly together as long as you tuck it inside and give it a little baggy effect. To cover up, influencer Amélie chooses to add a straight checkered coat that immediately gives a more professional look to her outfit.

The Oversized Shirt With Jogging-Type Pants

How to make black jogging pants chic? With an oversized shirt and a pair of heeled sandals, of course. You offer yourselves the luxury of an after-work look that is both elegant and super comfortable. Ideal for those who work from home and are too lazy to put on real pants!

The only condition? Value your waist with a good belt! The most knowledgeable fashionistas don’t hesitate to transform the favourite piece into an elegant crop top by tying it at the front. Wearing the wide shirt as a dress is another trendy look to pique modern girls. However, you must make sure that the length of the model allows it. If it is relatively short, we forget the heels and associate them with flat shoes (sandals, white sneakers, moulds, etc.). We also avoid belting under the penalty of further shortening the shirt. On the other hand, if it is long or mid-length, the belt is a must.

In this case, we can opt for heels without the slightest hesitation. Wearing an oversized shirt like a jacket is a great way to spice up a look that’s a little too basic. This idea works particularly well with fluid and thick models in jeans or linen. You can also put on your oversized shirt inside out by putting the buttons on the back for a maxi effect. Thus, you create a naked back to fall. Wearing the oversized shirt as a dress is one of the best options to embrace the trend, provided the length of the shirt allows it!

If it is relatively short, we put on flat sandals or sneakers and avoid belting the waist under the penalty of further shortening the dress! If it is longer, you can opt for heels and underline its waist with a belt (thin or medium but not too imposing).

 Transform his oversized shirt into a jacket or over-shirt to put on over any look to make it even sharper. This look works especially well with oversized denim shirts, lumberjack style flannel shirts, and khaki-coloured shirts. For this style, we prefer a slightly thick and fluid shirt held without being too rigid.

 Find the right combination according to the seasons and the occasions. The oversized shirt which can be gotten in clothing stores Singapore for instance goes with everything with raw jeans, suede mini-shorts, or even a short skirt. The oversized shirt goes with everything. But to counterbalance its ample and voluminous side, we prefer to associate it with either short or curved pieces that create contrast like an A-line skirt, straight jeans, belted shorts.