A Beginners Guide to Buying Individual Stocks

Before you buy individual stocks, you must have complete guidance. The pros and cons can be understood by comparing the individual stock with a mutual fund.


The cost of buying individual stock is very low. A good online broker can do this task for a small fee using IFA software. For more information, visit a site like

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Ease of use:

In the case of individual stocks, you must do complete research. You can only buy the stocks and keep them with you. Sometimes, the stocks that are currently in demand will become useless in the future.


In the case of an individual stock, on average people mostly have up to 60 stocks. This causes a concentration of capital. All these situations lead to more volatility and risk for people having individual stock. As a result, you have to be careful when purchasing individual stocks. Some market conditions also affect the factor of volatility.

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Investment Liquidity and Individual Stocks:

Liquidity means how fast you can convert an inventory into cash. The lower time required to convert an inventory into cash makes the inventory more liquid. Liquid stocks are generally traded more and more every day. The individual stocks are mostly considered as the most liquid assets. Most liquid shares are sold within a day. A maximum of three days is taken to sell the stock.

On the other hand, some stocks are considered as low traded and they are known as less liquid stocks. But the factor of risk is always there.

Final words:

Individual stocks are much better than mutual funds. Risk is the main factor of business and this cannot be denied.