9 Sports Injuries Seen by an Orthopaedic Doctor or Surgeon in Singapore


In an ideal world, only good would result from participating in sports. However, this is not always the case. People move incorrectly, trip and fall, and come into contact with the ground or one another. Sports injuries are widespread as a result. They can take actions to prevent or lessen the chance of injury. Nevertheless, athletes are bound to meet with an orthopaedic doctor or surgeon they trust in Singapore at some point or another.

9 Most Prevalent Sports Injuries

You can take a few safety precautions if you know some of the most prevalent sports injuries. Here are nine of the most prevalent injuries that may need the attention of an orthopaedic doctor or surgeon you trust in Singapore.

#1 Muscle Strains

Strains are by far the most prevalent type of sports injury. It owes to the fact that athletes engage so many muscles and tendons when exercising or playing. Pulled hamstrings, groyne strains, and strained quads are examples of the most common muscle strains.

Most strains do not need visits to an orthopaedic doctor or surgeon in Singapore. Mild strains can heal on their own with rest. Nevertheless, warm up and stretch before indulging in strenuous activities to lessen the risk of strained muscles and tendons.

#2 Ligament Sprains

Ligament sprains are equivalent to muscular strains. Ligaments are the connective tissues that link bones. Ligaments may pull and tear when they twist in the wrong direction. However, like strains, most sprains do not need the attention of an orthopaedic specialist or surgeon you trust in Singapore.

Sprains are more painful than strains. Moreover, they take longer to recover and may necessitate immobilisation. Stretching and warming up before any exercise, and exercising proper technique, can help prevent sprains. Sprains frequently leave the ligament weak and vulnerable to recurrence. It is best to wear a brace when playing if you have a history of sprains.

#3 Injuries to the Knees

Knee injuries can be excruciating and incapacitating. Most severe cases necessitate the attention of a reputable orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore. Examples of severe knee injuries that need special attention are:

The surgeon will need to sew the torn ligaments to ensure full functionality of the knee again. Nonetheless, you should perform stretches, maintain excellent posture and wear suitable cushioning and bracing to lower the incidence of a knee injury.

#4 Bone Fractures

Impact and contact sports frequently result in bone fractures. Most cases require weeks of immobility to heal and sometimes necessitate surgery from a reputable orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore.

Fractures are an inherent danger in most rigorous or contact sports. However, you can reduce the risk by using suitable protection, warming up, working out to maintain muscle strength and flexibility, and practising excellent techniques. Untreated strains or sprains can make the bone more prone to fracture.

#5 Joint Dislocations

Joint dislocations can happen due to strain, repetitive motions or impact. The most common joints to dislocate are the elbows, knees and shoulders. It is best to consult with a reputable orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore. They will help you reset your bones.

Moreover, repetitive shoulder dislocations can cause chafing and inflammation of the rotator cuff. Experiencing pain when you move may indicate your shoulder needs rotator cuff repair. Immediately seek a specialist at the slightest sign of pain when you move.


#6 Broken Bones

One of the most common severe injuries in impact sports is broken bones. Your bones can break with the right type of pressure and amount of force. Furthermore, motorsports can cause crash injuries that can cause bones to shatter beyond repair. Severe bone breaks need the attention of a reputable orthopaedic surgeon. They will reset your bones using screws and pins and require total immobilisation of the bone for better recovery. Moreover, crash injuries may require joint, bone or hip replacement surgery at reputable hospitals in Singapore.

#7 Muscle Contusions

Muscle contusions are due to direct hits to specific muscle masses, such as the thigh. Local tissue and muscle cells are bruised and injured. It causes swelling and discomfort. You can cure contusions through proper heat and ice therapy and do not need an orthopaedic specialist or surgeon in Singapore. It will subside on its own after a set period.

#8 Concussions

A concussion happens when the brain lurches inside the skull due to violent trauma to the head, occasionally injuring the tissues that keep it in place. Symptoms range from moderate to severe, including headaches and dizziness to lethargy and momentary loss of consciousness. When participating in contact sports such as hockey or football, the best strategy to limit the risk of concussion is to wear adequate protective equipment.

Concussions require the attention of neurologists instead of an orthopaedic specialist or surgeon from reputable clinics in Singapore. If you are experiencing concussion symptoms, it is best to stop playing in the meantime. Concussions typically recover on their own after a week to several weeks of rest.

#9 Back Pain & Injuries

Almost every sporting activity puts strain on your back and spinal column. Moreover, the built-up tension can lead to inflammation around the spine and back muscles over time. It can result in disc damage and upper or lower back discomfort. The best method to prevent your risk of back discomfort is to maintain strong and flexible back muscles with frequent low-impact activities, warmups, and a healthy diet. Immediately consult an orthopaedic specialist or surgeon at a clinic in Singapore for better diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Visit a Reputable Orthopaedic Clinic

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