6 Reasons Why Beginners Fail at Flipping Houses in Tennessee


Most people think flipping houses can be a cool way to make some big money. Reality TV or hearing about your co-worker going into the flipping houses business might inspire you. This could lead to quitting your full-time job and getting a loan to start out your new business. However, some don’t realize that a lot of people fail in this type of business. Learn more about some of the ways beginners can fail and some advice you can take with you in case you decide this is something you are passionate about pursuing.

Location Is Bad

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Location, location, location?” Flipping a house usually won’t be successful unless you pick an excellent location for almost any person or family would want to live in.


Is the house you just purchased near train tracks? Or a noisy airport? Potential house buyers want to sleep through the night and don’t want to be disturbed by loud noises. It can halt a night of sleep when they need to get up early the next day for work. People can be picky when it comes to inconveniences such as this.

Does the property have bright lighting across the street? Houses or other properties in the city might be located near business establishments that could hinder residents due to bright lights or loud night traffic. It might not be evident during the day, so pay attention to all the local businesses or events that could impede a buyer’s opinion.

Family-Friendly Locations

No matter how great you flip a house, the community and neighborhood are essential in getting a strong buy. Is the surrounding area safe? Those who are searching for a new home might want to live there on a permanent basis unless they move around. This means they want a place that’s safe for their children to play outside without worrying about negative influences.

Buying a home in a sketchy part of downtown might seem like a good idea if you can get a fair price. You might think you can save so much money renovating a house that has good bones. The thing about that is no one, especially those with a family, would want to spend a large amount of money on a beautiful house if it’s in an unsafe part of town.

A house flipper might think they can just market the house to singles or those who don’t want to start a family. However, you don’t know if this will result in a great purchase. The house might be on the market for too long due to no one wanting to live too far from an exceptional school district.

Also, places throughout Tennessee might be too far away from schools and job locations. Having a house in the middle of nowhere might not be a place to start flipping. You might consider properties that are near or in town before risking your first sale in an area no one wants to live at.

You got to think about all the elements around the property that could be viewed negatively. Therefore, you need to figure out all these things before you purchase the property. Otherwise, you could end up flipping a lovely house with no prospective buyers lining up. Being able to cross this off your list can ensure a more successful outcome in a sale. It could also be the difference between growing a business out of flipping houses or failing.

Not Having an Exit Strategy Planned

Do you think everything is going to go according to plan? No matter how much you map out plans before, during, and after the house is finished, you can quickly fail by forgetting to think about the unexpected. Have you ever heard of an exit strategy? It’s planning out what you will do when the unexpected happens.

You should have a solution for each event that could potentially occur when you are renovating or designing. Whether the grass starts to die, the weather prevents on-time deliveries, or your team of workers simply doesn’t show up, these are the types of events that could go wrong and derail your completion date. As stated by the Keller Center Research Report, having an exit strategy planned out can help you make more money and reduce the chances of losing profit. It can also prevent you from failing at starting your own flipping house business. Being prepared has its benefits for your distant future.

Layout of the Property

Professional house flippers are known for remodeling spaces. They might tear down a wall and create an extensive living room area to entice buyers. People love having a big kitchen to cook gourmet meals or host dinners.

If you decide to create new space dimensions in individual rooms, then you have to do it the right way. No one wants to buy a house where they have areas that’s too small to use effectively. You could also do some market research to learn more about what homeowners prefer.

Costs of Flipping and Lack of a Sale

Do you think you’ll make a considerable profit out of this business? Professional house flippers know how to predict the time it will take to get each project done. However, they might use the money out of their own pocket to afford $200,000 or $300,000 homes.

So, what do people just starting out do to pay such a hefty property purchase? One popular option is getting a loan from hard money lenders in Tennessee. You could get one of these loans even if the bank turned you down. The only downfall is the high-interest rates that can increase if you don’t pay them back within the agreed time. As a result, your timeframe of renovating the property might be limited.

Not Having Proper Permits

Do you have all the proper permits in order? Ensure you have all the permits needed before any renovations take place. According to Rehab Financial Group, house flippers that ignore getting the proper renovation permits could impede their own ability to sell the house. Buyers will want proof that all the permits were in order during the flip. If buyers don’t do this, they are the ones who have to use their own money to fix those problems. Having permits can give potential buyers a sense of safety since it was flipped professionally. They wouldn’t want their family living in a house that could fall on their heads in the middle of the night.

Quitting the Project

Do you easily get stressed? Maybe quit on a lot of previous projects? Well, flipping a house isn’t something you can let linger or stop altogether. Not if you want to build it up and create a lucrative business. Unless you pay with your own money and don’t mind keeping it for yourself, you need to have the passion and determination to continue working even when the stress starts to get to you.

Are you going to take a shot in flipping houses? Being prepared through each step of renovating and selling can help you stay on track. Having a thriving business is hard work and needs proper organization during each step of the process. Everyone wants to be great at something in their lives. Maybe renovating and selling houses is something you can excel beyond everyone else’s expectations. Don’t let doubt stop you from living the dream you’ve always had. So, if you think you have the skills and passion for this type of work, then go for it! Stay at it and you might be advising others on flipping houses someday. Check this link for more information – http://www.s-anand.net/blog/channel-economics.