4 Exciting Things to Do In and Around Kemayoran, Jakarta

Kemayoran district in the northern part of Central Jakarta lies in the border with the area of North Jakarta. The community is close to Jakarta’s oldest shopping malls such as Pasar Baroe and Mangga Dua, while a little further down is located the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the meantime, further up north is the large Ancol Dreamland, a vast recreation park that stretches along the beach.

Let’s see what you can experience once you step in Kemayoran, Jakarta.

  1. Dance at Music Festivals in the Jakarta International Expo

Possessing the sprawling Jakarta International Expo (JI Expo) right in the heart of Kemayoran enables the place to stage significant events. Great music festivals are held in the JI Expo, such as the extremely popular Djakarta Warehouse Project and Jazz. Both festivals are probably the most thrilling music festivals within the nation.

There are also other events such as the Jakarta Fair and JakCloth YES that draw people by the tens of thousands. The Jakarta Fair invites visitors to enjoy a whole month of massive exhibitions from – vehicles to market and fashion, – which come complete with musical shows, Jakarta Fair is held around the anniversary of the city of Jakarta in June.

  1. Discover Indonesia’s Fine Arts Museums

The Art 1 New Museum and the Sophilia Art Center might not ring a bell. Both are new. Both provide art for those that love art, paintings, fine art, or classical music. If you’re into art, then both are a must-visit! We suggest purchasing the complete ticket that permits you to see a private collection in a connecting building.

  1. Read through some Best Shopping Streets

Whenever you stay at a hotel in the Kemayoran region, you’ll be close to the great shopping malls of Mangga Dua and Pasar Baroe. Both are havens for shopping! Mangga Dua is well known as a place where one can discover the latest fashion styles, while Pasar Baroe allows you to access classic fashion items that you won’t find everywhere! Both are the right places to find souvenirs to bring home.

  1. Try Nearby Culinary Treats at Lenggang Jakarta Kemayoran

For those that love adventures, the Lenggang Jakarta Kemayoran is a must to drop by, mainly when you’re staying at Hotel Near Kemayoran. Here are more than a hundred kiosks with road food that provide an enticing collection of meals and beverages. Attempt Pecel Ikan catfish served with traditional sambal, served with steamed rice, fried tempeh or tofu. If you’re a fan of rice, then try Rendang Fried Rice which will make you ask for more.